Table 3

Modifications to the patient measure of safety following phase 1

Issues and areas for improvementPMOS amendments made
Item phrasing
  • Patients not comfortable with negatively phrased items that put staff caring for them in a bad light

  • Patients found many negatively worded questions confusing

Phrasing reworded
  • Negatively worded items were reduced from 56% to 28% (24–12 items); did not reword items if this would change the intended meaning

  • UK terminology caused uncertainty, for example, patients unsure what ‘porters’ were

Terminology changed
  • UK terms were substituted with Australian, for example, changed ‘porters’ to ‘wardsmen’

  • Patients suggested improvements to language

Wording modified
  • Changes were made to item wording, for example, ‘staff gave me different information about my care’ was changed to ‘staff gave me conflicting information about my care’