Table 3

Studies reporting prevalence estimates for moderate or severe chronic pain

StudyPain measureCPGS grade III (%)CPGS grade III by genderCPGS grade IV (95% CI)CPGS grade IV by gender (95% CI)
Smith et al35Chronic pain6.3% (5.9% to 6.7%)
5.7% (4.9% to 6.5%)*
M=5.7% (4.6% to 6.8%)
F=6.9% (5.7% to 8.1%)
Torrance et al29Chronic pain6.26.0%
Parsons et al28Chronic pain6.57.8%
Bridges7Chronic pain4.7M=3.9%
F =7.7%
Torrance et al29Neuropathic pain1.82.6%
  • *Estiamtes adjusted to sampling frame.

  • †Gender-stratified prevalence estimates from Bridges7 have been retrieved by access to the raw data.CPGS, Chronic Pain Grade Scale; F, Female; M, Male.