Table 1

General characteristics of sampled adolescent students

 16–17 years26874.4
 18–19 years9225.6
 Relatively disadvantaged12534.7
School type
Mother's educational level
 Formal education22662.8
 No formal education13437.2
Mother's occupation
 Working outside home also/employed/non-housewife18551.4
Family type
No of siblings
 Up to 226473.3
 More than 29626.7
Socioeconomic status†
 Middle class12033.3
Watching TV
 ≤2 h/day28178.1
 >2 h/day7921.9
Fruit consumption
 ≤4 times/week18451.1
 >4 times/week17648.9
  • *Mean±SD age 16.98±0.98 years. 

  • †Wealth index was computed using principal component analysis; the components included were ownership of house, vehicles, animals, electronic goods (refrigerator, radio, TV, computer, fan), furniture (sofa, bed, cupboard, table, chair), mobile phone and telephone, housing characteristics, and type of fuel used for cooking.