Table 4

Quotes concerning parental understanding of cause and risk factors for death

ThemeReference numberQuote
Understanding SIDS4.1…that was one of the things I asked the paediatrician, I said ‘what is it?’ and she said ‘that's the whole point, we don't know’. (mother, SIDS case)
4.2…something in his brain…he'd stopped breathing and his brain wasn't developed enough to sort of say…‘baby, you're not breathing, breathe son’. (father, SIDS case)
How can SIDS be natural?4.3I know they are saying natural causes but what's natural about a healthy person dying? (mother, SIDS case)
Incomplete explanations for death4.4The paediatrician said that the baby had had some bleeding and not just at the time of death,…she'd had previous bleeding that had resolved itself…And yet he said the people who did the autopsy couldn't see how that would have caused her to die. (mother, SIDS case)
  • SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.