Table 7

Parental quotes on blame

ThemeReference numberQuote
Maternal blame7.1At this point I didn't have any idea how long I'd been asleep and then feeling this overwhelming guilt…I've slept for hours and she's just died. (mother, medically explained death)
7.2I blame myself, if I hadn't have gone back to work, he'd be fine. (mother, medically explained death)
Not blaming others7.3We're not trying to put fault on anybody, it could be anything still but they should have clear guidelines, shouldn't they? (father, SIDS case)
Responsibility not blame7.4And I could choose to let myself feel very guilty and that in a sense would kill your spirit…I'm happy to accept that I have some responsibility in his death and that's a different thing to being guilty. (mother, SIDS case)
Absolution of SIDS7.5We've both always said we were quite glad when it came back that it was Sudden Infant Death…because it's been Sudden Infant Death, we sort of go ‘well we couldn't have done anything, if it was going to happen, it was going to happen…(father, SIDS case)
  • SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.