Table 2

Primary outcomes (ACQ and mini-AQLQ)

InterventionControlEstimated difference (95% CI)p Value
ACQ score 6-question version (continuous 0–6; 0=totally controlled, 6=severely uncontrolled)
 BaselineMean (SD)1.87 (0.59)1.97 (0.68)
 Follow-upMean (SD)1.22 (0.91)1.65 (1.15)
 ChangeMean (SD)−0.65 (1.08)−0.32 (0.94)−0.36 (−0.96 to 0.23)0.225
ACQ score 6-question version (MCID improvement at follow-up)
 Improvement ≥0.5n (%)11 (55%)12 (48%)0.767
Mini-AQLQ score (continuous 1–7; 1=severely impaired; 7=not impaired at all)
 BaselineMean (SD)4.97 (1.03)4.65 (1.02)
 Follow-upMean (SD)5.40 (1.01)4.76 (1.30)
 ChangeMean (SD)0.43 (0.78)0.11 (0.88)0.38 (−0.13 to 0.89)0.136
Mini-AQLQ score (MCID improvement at follow-up)
 Improvement ≥0.5n (%)10 (50%)9 (36%)0.379
  • Summaries of scores at baseline, follow-up and change from baseline, with estimated between-group difference from baseline-adjusted linear regression model with 95% CI and p value. Summaries of achievement of an improvement by more than the MCID at follow-up, with Fisher's exact test p values to compare groups.

  • ACQ, Asthma Control Questionnaire (fall in score is desirable); AQLQ, Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire (rise in score desirable); MCID, minimum clinically important difference.