Table 3

OR for ordering a CRP test in the group randomised to CRP at request, n=259

VariableCRP requested %ORCI (95%)p Value
Parents' assessment of sickness
 No opinion n=11044Ref.
 Viral infection n=69250.510.16 to 1.590.248
 Bacterial infection n=79350.840.32 to 2.240.734
Parents’ assessment of degree of seriousness
 Think it is not serious but want a check n=6617Ref.
 Not sure, maybe in need of treatment n=97424.991.77 to 14.030.002
 Think antibiotics are needed n=89405.801.88 to 17.920.002
 Think the child needs hospitalisation n=6100NC
Respiratory rate*1.010.97 to1.040.768
Temperature (°C)*1.641.08 to2.480.019
Use of paracetamol during the past 24 h
 No n=8424Ref.
 Yes n=173421.430.59 to 3.420.428
Fever during the past 24 h
 No n=3511Ref.
 Yes n=224402.950.53 to 16.350.215
General condition
 Normal n=5221Ref.
 Ill n=199401.520.57 to 3.980.399
 Severely ill n=7711.300.14 to 12.020.817
Type of doctor
 Paediatric emergency clinic n=10856Ref.
 Out-of-hours services n=151915.656.06 to 40.43<0.001
  • Multiple logistic regression analysis.

  • *Continuous variables.

  • CRP, C reactive protein; NC, not calculated; Ref., reference.