Table 1

EDI domains and variables available from aggregated data

EDI domainsEDI subdomains
Physical health and well-beingPhysical readiness for the school day, physical independence, gross and fine motor skills
Social competenceOverall social competence, responsibility and respect, approaches to learning, readiness to explore new things
Emotional maturityProsocial and helping behaviour, anxious and fearful behaviour, aggressive behaviour, hyperactive and inattentive behaviour
Language and cognitive developmentBasic literacy, interest in literacy/numeracy and memory, advanced literacy, basic numeracy
Communication skills and general knowledgeNo subdomains
Demographic variablesEDI domain variables
Unique neighbourhood codeAverage domain score in each of the five domains
Neighbourhood namePercentage vulnerable in each of the five domains
ProvincePercentage vulnerable in one or more domains
ImplementationPercentage missing in each of the five domains
Percentage male/female
Percentage missing sexEDI subdomain variables
Average age in yearsMean scores
Percentage of children with special needsPercentage meeting few or none of the developmental expectations
Percentage of children with multiple challengesPercentage meeting some of the developmental expectations
Percentage with/without/do not know/missing Aboriginal statusPercentage meeting almost all or all of the developmental expectations
Percentage missing
Percentage of children with/without/missing status for English or French as a second language
EDI collection variables
 Number of EDIs aggregated
Percentage of EDIs collected via paper/electronic system
  • EDI, Early Development Instrument.