Table 2

Association between disclosed conflicts of interest (COI) and other forms of COI (ie, inclusion of primary studies in reviews, researcher allegiance) and spin in review conclusions in the reviews rated as having spin in favour of psychological therapies as compared with all other reviews

Review rated as ‘spin’ in favour of psychological therapiesReview rated as ‘no spin’ or ‘spin’ against psychological therapiesOR (95% CI)
Inclusion of own primary study6281.24 (0.40 to 3.83)
No inclusion of own primary study952
Researcher allegiance2130.79 (0.16 to 3.94)
No researcher allegiance1367
COI disclosed4211.02 (0.29 to 3.56)
No COI disclosed1159
Inclusion of own primary study, researcher allegiance and/or COI disclosed7400.88 (0.29 to 2.64)
None of the three840