Table 1

Characteristics of randomised controlled trials included in the study

CharacteristicAccepted by The BMJ
n (%)
Rejected by The BMJ
n (%)
Trial design
Multicentre/single centre
 Single centre3(14)6(29)
Trial sample size
Duration of trial (follow-up)
 <12 months8(38)10(48)
 12 to 24 months12(57)9(43)
 >24 months1(5)1(5)
Location of lead investigator
 Rest of Europe6(29)5(24)
 North America0(0)1(5)
 Rest of World5(24)9(43)
Source of funding
 Not stated1(5)0(0)
Trial registration
Where was the trial registered
 Clinical trials.gov2(10)6(29)
 ISRCTN Register16(76)9(43)
 Australian/New Zealand CTR1(5)5(24)
 Dutch Trial Register2(10)0(0)
 UMIN CTR0(0)1(5)
Prospective/retrospective registered
Published protocol
Where was the protocol published: (n=14 accepted, n=11 rejected)
 BMC series13(93)10(91)
  • *Study started March 1999, prior to ICMJE trial registration recommendation.

  • †Exact date first participant recruited into trial not provided.

  • ‡Published in Contemporary Clinical Trials.

  • §Published in Journal of Foot and Ankle Research.

  • BMC, BioMed Central; CTR, Clinical Trial Registry; ICMJE, International Committee of Medical Journal Editors; ISRCTN, International Standard Randomised Controlled Trials Number; UMIN, University Hospital Medical Information Network.