Table 4

Likelihood of accepting group B strep vaccine in four difference scenarios by age, parental status and previous knowledge of group B strep

How likely would you be to have a group B strep vaccine in the following situations?18–24 years (% of n=239)25–34y ears (% of n=359)35–44 years (% of n=415)p ValueChildren (% of n=557)No children (% of n=456)p ValueKnow what it is (% of n=374)Don't know what it is (% of n=639)p Value
Licensed and recommended
 Don't know15121411161016
Licensed, not specifically recommended
 Don't know17192118211621
Part of a research study, previously tested in 5000 pregnant women
 Don't know19152116211620
Research study, previously tested in 500 pregnant women
 Don't know21172419231823
  • Answers were mutually exclusive and p values indicate differences between groups for that answer versus all other answers.

  • NS, non-significant, that is, p>0.05.