Table 2

Survey responses by age, parental status and previous knowledge of the condition

18–24 years (% of n=239)25–34 years (% of n=359)35–44 years (% of n=415)p ValueChildren (% of n=570)No children (% of n=443)p ValueKnow what it is (% of n†)Don't know what it is (% of n†)p Value
How serious would you consider the following conditions?
Heavy bleeding in pregnancy
 Don't know55427
 Not serious4100.00212NS
 Don't know1195512418
 Not serious6410.00335NS43NS
 Don't know14128816521
 Not serious586NS840.026875NS
Group B strep
 Don't know2120121224426
 Not serious7410.001434NS53NS
How likely would you be to have a vaccine for the following conditions in pregnancy?
 Don't know18151912234425
 Don't know18161812231126
Group B strep (pre information)
 Don't know22192014281125
Group B strep (post information)
 Don't know131110716714
  • Answers were mutually exclusive and p values indicate differences between groups for that answer versus all other answers.

  • NS, non-significant, that is, p>0.05. Percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number.

  • †Know what it is: pertussis n=727, flu n=609, group B strep n=374. Don't know what it is: n=286, flu n=404, group B strep n=639.