Table 4

Final multivariate analysis of variables associated with children being taken to a traditional medical practitioner for treatment of diarrhoea

N=5180Crude ORAdjusted OR99% CIcacl adj χ2MH
Household head has postsecondary higher education0.320.390.26 to 0.5934.6
Children with BCG vaccine0.360.460.29 to 0.7220.1
Child with a birth certificate0.470.560.42 to 0.7527.3
From a household using fuel other than charcoal or wood0.510.630.43 to 0.9210.01
  • The variable ‘Mother not beaten by partner during past pregnancy’ was also included in the initial multivariate model but it did not remain significant.

  • CIca, CIs using the method of Miettinen, adjusted for clustering with the method of Lamothe; cl adj χ2MH, Cluster-adjusted χ2 Mantel-Haenszel.