Table 2

Final multivariate analysis of variables associated with childbirth attended by a traditional practitioner

n=4820Crude ORAdjusted OR99% CIcacl adj χ2MH
Attended government antenatal care0.280.330.21 to 0.5045.75
Postsecondary or higher education0.230.340.21 to 0.5631.12
Mother of a child with birth certificate0.530.690.53 to 0.9013.36
Not verbally abused by partner in past 12 months0.720.800.65 to 0.997.58
  • The variable for ‘Household of good construction’ was also included in the initial multivariate model but it did not remain statistically significant.

  • CIca, CIs using the method of Miettinen, adjusted for clustering with the method of Lamothe; cl adj χ2MH, Cluster-adjusted χ2 of Mantel-Haenszel.