Table 1

Prespecified normal tissue doses (specified to a volume of 1 cc)

Organ at riskPrespecified normal tissue doses
Brachial plexusMaximum dose=EQD2≤66 Gy
HeartMaximum dose=EQD2≤76 Gy
Mean dose ≤46 Gy
LungMean lung dose (lung—GTV) ≤20 Gy
Mediastinal envelope*Maximum dose=EQD2≤76 Gy
Spinal canal PRVMaximum dose=EQD2≤50 Gy
  • *Including: heart, proximal bronchial tree, trachea, oesophagus and the blood vessels in the upper mediastinum.

  • EQD2, equivalent dose in 2 Gy fractions; GTV, gross tumour volume; PRV, planning organ at risk volume.