Table 2

Terminological descriptions

TermCommon descriptions
Maintenance of certification (n=22)‘Assure patients and the public that board-certified specialists are current with and can access evolving knowledge, are aware of and use the highest practice standards, are recognised and respected as specialists by their patients and peers and are continually reviewing their clinical performance and adjusting and improving the processes of care as necessary’.17
‘…created in response to concerns about the quality and safety of medical care and the desire for greater accountability in how specialists are adhering to the highest quality standards’.18
Revalidation (n=9)‘…re-assure patients, the general public, employers and other health care professionals that licensed physicians are up-to-date and fit to practice’.19
‘…quality assurance process demonstrating the commitment of the profession to continued competence in their practice’.20
Maintenance of licensure (n=6)‘…ensure that physicians engage in an evidence informed process of practice-relevant lifelong learning’.21
‘As a condition of license renewal, that all licensed physicians periodically demonstrate their engagement in an ongoing culture of professional assessment and continuous improvement throughout their careers’.21
Recertification (n=5)‘Physicians demonstrate they meet the standards of their specialty’.22
‘…demonstrate physicians are maintaining or complying with expected professional practice standards’.22