Table 2

Summary of inclusion and exclusion criteria

Research participantResearch relating to ENT undergraduate training in the UKResearch relating to a research participant other than ENT undergraduate training in the UK
ParticipantsStudies involving:
  1. Medical students who have directly experienced ENT undergraduate training in the UK

  2. Clinicians working in the UK

Studies involving participants other than those outlined in the inclusion criteria
LocationUK studies onlyStudies outside the UK—rest of the world
Type of studyPrimary research or studies that report findings relevant to the research questionStudies that report on the provision of undergraduate education for preparedness in ENT, but do not explore the perceptions of participants outlined above
MethodologyResearch involving quantitative, qualitative or mixed methodologyCommentaries, editorial comments
TimescaleResearch published from the year 1999 onwards (within the past 15 years)Research published before the year 1999
  • ENT, ear, nose and throat.