Table 3

System attributes for revalidation and recertification

CriteriaRevalidationRecertificationMaintenance of certification/licensure
Key terms or phrasesContinuous enhancement, quality assuranceRe-establish competence, quality improvementOngoing demonstration of competence, continuing medical education
Educational focusPhysician scope of work/practice (narrow)Physician specialty (broad)Physician expertise
Competency frameworkCanMEDS (Canada) Good Medical Practice (UK)ACGME's six competenciesCanMEDS and ACGME competencies
PurposeUp-to-date and fit to practice
Practicing in accordance with professional standards
Maintain/secure public trust
Demonstrate improved performance and patient outcomes
Practicing in accordance to specialty standards
Assure the public
Lifelong learning
Demonstration of ongoing competence
Continuous professional development
Quality assurance
Role for assessmentAssessment for learning. (data with feedback linked to action plans)Assessment of Learning (pass scores for self-assessment and secure examinations)Periodic self-assessment
Responsible organisationsRegulatory authoritiesCertifying boards or collegesMultiple institutions
Time framesEvery 5 yearsEvery 10 yearsVariable