TableĀ 2

Anticipated benefits for MND practice and policy

Stakeholder groupBenefit
  • Improved engagement of patients and families in care

  • Improved patient health literacy

  • Timely and well-informed treatment decisions, leading to proactive symptom management

Health professionals
  • Implementation of proactive approach to symptom management

  • Enhancement of multidisciplinary team care

  • Knowledge transfer of clinically useful information

  • Promotion of evidence-based practice

Health services
  • Improved organisational efficiency

  • Cost savings from reduced emergency admissions

  • Improved use of resources

  • Knowledge transfer from research directly to organisations

Healthcare policy
  • Links policy to clinical work

  • Incorporation of evidence-based research into policy

  • Tools incorporate policy unique to each country

Research community
  • Consolidation of international MND research community

  • Support for international MND healthcare community

  • Decision tool dissemination to other deteriorating neurological conditions

  • MND, motor neurone disease.