Table 1

Patient demographics

Corail PinnaclesSROM Pinnacles
Surgeon 1 vs 2254:94120:21
M:F joints140:20867:74
Number with bilateral MoMs87 (25%)13 (9%)
Mean age in years6763
Per cent with degenerative osteoarthritis86.780
Median liner size in mm (range)52 (50–66)54 (50–66)
Per cent Xrays and HHS score available82.977.3
Median inclination angle (°) of acetabular component (range)43.9 (26.1–61.9)45.6 (26.0–65.6)
Median anteversion angle of the acetabular component in degrees14.4 (0–47.3)18.6 (4.6–45.6)
Median (range) femoral head offset5 (−2 to +12)6 (0–9)
  • The early (pre-2006) and late implantation cohorts are shown in table 2.

  • HHS, Harris Hip Score; F, female; M, male; MoM, metal on metal.