Table 2

Summary results from chart abstraction tool

AUC category and variablePer cent
Procedure, N=600
Angiogram findings, N=598
 CTO of 1 vessel (non-LAD)5
 1–2 vessel (not prox LAD)12
 1-vessel disease of prox LAD31
 2-vessel disease including prox LAD27
 3-vessel disease (not left main artery)19
Medical therapy, N=594
 No or minimal medication37
 Maximal medication63
CCS class, N=551
 Class I2
 Class II12
 Class III56
 Class IV25
  • CCS class, Canadian Cardiovascular Society grading of angina pectoris; CTO, chronic total occlusion; LAD, left anterior descending coronary artery; prox, proximal.