Table 3

The analyses of the symptoms and maternal transport (n=168)

Onset of initial symptoms
 First trimester3% (5)
 After artificial abortion in 1st trimester1% (2)
 Second trimester8% (14)
 Third trimester21% (36)
 During labour
  1st stage7% (12)
  2nd stage7% (11)
  3rd stage5% (9)
 During caesarean section8% (13)
 Postpartum39% (66)
Location at the onset of initial symptoms
 At clinic27% (46)
 At hospital43% (72)
 At midwifery home1% (2)
 Outside of medical facilities29% (48)
Initial cardiopulmonary arrest
 At clinic12% (20)
 At hospital70% (117)
 At midwifery home1% (1)
 During transport on ambulance8% (13)
 Outside of medical facilities10% (17)
Maternal transport between medical facilities
 No42% (70)
 Clinic to hospital19% (32)
  Single obstetrician on duty at clinic(5)
  Two obstetricians on duty at clinic(8)
  ≥3 obstetricians on duty at clinic(19)
 Hospital to higher degree hospital8% (13)
 Hospital to perinatal centre30% (51)
 Midwifery hospital to hospital1% (2)