Table 1

Respondent characteristics for survey A and survey B

All respondents (n=899)Survey A (n=433)Survey B (n=466)
Males, %42.0542.4941.63
Age, mean50.2650.3550.17
Academic credentials only*, %84.5884.6984.48
Clinical credentials†, %15.4215.3115.52
US born‡, %81.6582.6880.69
Reads research daily§, %60.0761.2059.01
CEPH Programme of Public Health¶, %35.4834.6436.27
Ivy League university**, %12.4612.9312.02
Region Northeast %28.0326.7929.18
South %42.0543.4240.77
Midwest %18.2417.3219.1
West %11.6812.4710.94
  • *For example, BSc, BA, MSc, MPH, PhD.

  • †For example, MD, MBBS, MBChB.

  • ‡Versus non-US born.

  • §Versus reads research less than daily.

  • ¶Versus CEPH School of Public Health.

  • **Versus non-Ivy League institution.

  • CEPH, Council on the Education of Public Health.