Table 2

Distribution of identified ADR-related episodes by ICD-10 chapter

ICD-10 chapter/subdivision (title)Number of episodes identifiedPercentage of episodes identified
ADR-related episodes identified by primary diagnosis code
 III (Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs and certain disorders involving the immune mechanism)10470.5
 IV (Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases)58992.9
 V (Mental and behavioural disorders)1560.1
 VI (Diseases of the nervous system)74763.7
 VII (Diseases of the eye and adnexa)
 VIII (Diseases of the ear and mastoid process)
 IX (Diseases of the circulatory system)10 8345.4
 X (Diseases of the respiratory system)7900.4
 XI (Diseases of the digestive system)7040.3
 XII (Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue)98184.9
 XIII (Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue)26611.3
 XIV (Diseases of the genitourinary system)22851.1
 XIX (Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes)11 3905.7
Total identified episodes with ADR-related primary diagnosis codes53 22626.4
ADR-related episodes identified by external cause code (under Chapter XX: External causes of morbidity and mortality, section Y40-Y59: Drugs, medicaments and biological substances causing adverse effects in therapeutic use)
 Y40: Systemic antibiotics17 2318.6
 Y41: Other systemic anti-infectives and antiparasitics39992.0
 Y42: Hormones and their synthetic substitutes and antagonists not elsewhere classified16 7248.3
 Y43: Primarily systemic agents44 70322.2
 Y44: Agents primarily affecting blood constituents92324.6
 Y45: Analgesics, antipyretics and anti-inflammatory drugs23 75311.8
 Y46: Antiepileptics and antiparkinsonism drugs39101.9
 Y47: Sedatives, hypnotics and antianxiety drugs16820.8
 Y48: Anaesthetics and therapeutic gases17990.9
 Y49: Psychotropic drugs not elsewhere classified67943.4
 Y50: Central nervous system stimulants not elsewhere classified2010.1
 Y51: Drugs primarily affecting the autonomic nervous system85514.2
 Y52: Agents primarily affecting the cardiovascular system21 01910.4
 Y53: Agents primarily affecting the gastrointestinal system25461.3
 Y54: Agents primarily affecting water-balance and mineral and uric acid metabolism15 5357.7
 Y55: Agents primarily acting on smooth and skeletal muscles and the respiratory system14120.7
 Y56: Topical agents primarily affecting skin and mucous membrane and ophthalmological, otorhinolaryngological and dental drugs27881.4
 Y57: Other and unspecified drugs and medicaments85484.2
 Y58: Bacterial vaccines4920.2
 Y59: Other and unspecified vaccines and biological substances9210.5
Total identified episodes with ADR-related external cause code184 44291.7
Total ADR-related episodes201 246
  • The number of identified Hospital Episode Statistics episodes with ADR-related ICD-10 codes, by ICD-10 chapter and subdivisions of Chapter XX (External causes of morbidity and mortality).

  • ADR, adverse drug reaction; ICD, International Classification of Diseases.