Table 3

Practice characteristics

MedianIQRPer cent
HES episodes associated with ADRs (total count 2010–2012)197–38
Patient population characteristics
 Patient age (% >65 years)16.011.8–19.5
 Patient sex (% female)50.349.0–51.2
 Patient ethnicity (% white)92.876.5–97.2
 Patient morbidity score (registrations/1000 patients)500.4424.8–568.8
Practice characteristics
 Practice list size (1000s)6.23.7–9.4
 GP supply (FTE/1000 patients)6.04.9–7.5
 Handedness of practice (% single-handed)10.2
 GPs >50 years (%)40.022.2–60.0
 Female GPs (%)50.033.3–60.0
 GPs with non-UK qualifications (%)20.00.0–50.0
QOF indicator achievement
 Total QOF points (%)98.696.8–99.4
 PE07 (%)84.476.8–91.1
 PE08 (%)77.866.5–87.5
 CHD06 (%)90.687.7–93.3
 CHD08 (%)80.275.9–84.5
 STROKE06 (%)89.285.5–92.3
 STROKE08 (%)77.872.4–82.5
 DM17 (%)81.977.8–85.6
 DM26 (%)70.265.0–75.1
 DM30 (%)90.487.4–93.2
 BP05 (%)80.376.2–84.0
 MED12 (% of practices achieving target)96.8
 RECORD09 (% of practices achieving target)93.5
  • Median and IQR for continuous variables, and percentage of practices single-handed, and achieving QOF indicators MED12 and RECORD09, are displayed.

  • ADR, adverse drug reaction; FTE, full-time equivalent; GP, general practitioner; HES, Hospital Episode Statistics; IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation; QOF, Quality and Outcomes Framework.