Table 2

Self-reported health (N=567)

nPer cent
General health556
 Very good10819.4
General health, dichotomised556
 Poor or fair20136.2
 Good to excellent35563.8
Chronic health conditions, diagnosed or treated*512
 Two or more39777.5
Frequency of selected chronic health conditions*
 Depression (n=550)28952.5
 Anxiety (n=547)26548.4
 Substance use problems (n=544)22341.0
 Arthritis (n=544)21038.6
 High-blood pressure (n=548)17431.8
 Head injury (n=549)13825.1
 Hepatitis C (n=547)12322.5
 Diabetes (n=546)7213.2
 Heart disease (n=550)5710.4
 HIV/AIDS (n=546)488.8
  • *Participants were asked whether or not any healthcare provider had ever diagnosed or treated them with this chronic health condition.