TableĀ 5

Significant associations between inflammatory disease and RCS

Disease category or specific diseaseRisk factorContrastProportion (%)OR95% CIp Value
Inflammatory disease (all types)RCSLittle impairment38.13.71.1 to 12.60.04
Serious impairment14.3ref
Self-care of appearanceIndependent39.54.91.0 to 24.20.05
Requires assistance11.8ref
Eczema (all types)RCSLittle impairment35.74.61.2 to 17.90.05
Serious impairment10.7ref
Self-care of appearanceIndependent34.93.51.2 to 10.10.02
Requires assistance13.3ref
Use of toiletUses without help34.83.91.2 to 13.00.03
Needs assistance12.1ref
AwarenessFully aware35.26.21.3 to 29.40.02
Sometimes unaware8.0ref
Night careCare never/rarely needed32.52.91.0 to 8.40.05
More attention needed14.3ref
  • p Values are not corrected for multiple testing.

  • RCS, Rehabilitation Complexity Scale; ref, reference level.