Table 1

EQUIP participant demographics (N=567)

nPer centMean (SD)
Age54545.5 (14.6)
(range: 18–94)
Aboriginal identity558
Relationship with a partner547
Employment status534
Educational level548
 Less than high school23843.4
 Completed high school8114.8
 Postsecondary up to and including undergraduate degree19936.3
 Professional/graduate level degree162.9
Receiving social assistance16829.6
Receiving disability assistance22339.3
Difficulty living on TOTAL household income‡543
 Very difficult19736.3
 Somewhat difficult18333.7
 Not very difficult9617.7
 Not at all difficult6712.3
Living situation§548
 Market housing33160.4
 Non-market housing21739.7
Shelter usage (past 12 months)539
  • *‘Employed’ status includes individuals working full-time or part-time, as well as those taking part in seasonal work.

  • †The majority of responses in this category are: retired, disability assistance, stay-at-home mom, student and self-employed or occasional cash work.

  • ‡Participants were asked: Overall, how difficult is it for you to live on your total household income right now?

  • §Market housing includes individuals living in a private apartment, condo or house. Non-market housing includes individuals who reported living in public, social or supportive housing, those couch-surfing, living in shelters, on the street, in a vehicle, in a single-room occupancy hotel and those who chose ‘other’ in lieu of the above options.