Table 1

Tabulated summary of study schedule

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  • *Six month time point is conducted by post. Participants are not required to visit the research centre at this time point.

  • †Allocation will be performed by Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit (CTU), typically within 10 days of the baseline clinic, following receipt of baseline data and blood sample result.

  • ‡HF Manual facilitation will commence approximately 1 month post randomisation.

  • HADS, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale questionnaire; HF, heart failure; MLHFQ, Minnesota Living with HF questionnaire; pro-BNP, pro-brain natriuretic peptide; QoL, quality of life; SCHFI, Self-care of HF Index questionnaire; CC-SCHFI, Caregiver Contribution to Self-care of HF Index questionnaire; CBQ-HF, The Caregiver Burden Questionnaire for HF; FAMQOL, Family Caregiver QoL questionnaire.