Table 4

Logistic regression analyses of the association between perpetrator of adult abuse and cessation of any breast feeding (BF) before 4 months (cessation of any BF <4 months) (N=51 101)

Cessation of any BF <4 monthsCrudeAdjusted
Perpetratorn(%)n(%)OR95% CIOR95% CI
No adult abuse (reference)41 39681.0472811.41.001.00
Known only785015.4123215.71.44(1.35 to 1.55)1.28(1.19 to 1.37)
Unknown only8611.79911.51.01(0.82 to 1.25)1.09(0.88 to 1.35)
Known and unknown9941.916516.61.54(1.30 to 1.83)1.18(0.99 to 1.41)
  • The adjusted model included the following variables: maternal age, education, civil status and any child abuse. Analysed for complete cases.