Table 1

Characteristics of case study sites

SiteYear in postLCNS number on siteAccess to treatment/LCNS access*Active antilung cancer treatment on siteFocus of LCNS
A20072High/highNoNoYesSees patients in outpatient clinic. Mostly see patients in community including postdiagnosis home visits. A lot of telephone consultations
B20022High/low-midNoNoNoOne stop outpatient clinic and respiratory clinic. Does home and ward visits. Work with patients postdiagnosis and now setting up rehabilitation service
C20001Low/highNoNoYes—regimen dependent; some referred to tertiary centreSees patients on wards and in outpatient clinic (including preoperative, bronchoscopy clinics) and chemotherapy unit. Some home visits
D20102Low/lowNoNoYes—regimen dependent. Some on other trust siteCover oncology clinics. See patients on ward but focus is on telephone and clinic work
  • *Based on NLCA data which ranks treatment and LCNS access by percentile. Sites were approached for participation to ensure a mix of high and low treatment/LCNS access.

  • LCNS, Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist; NLCA, National Lung Cancer Audit.