Table 7

Comparison of baseline characteristics, management and outcomes of acute coronary syndrome patients in developed and developing countries

Sampling Period1990–20062001–200720042003–20062002–20082008–20092002–20052005–20072007–20082008–20092011–2012
Source of dataUSAMultinationalEurope and mediterranean basinPolandPortugalJapanIndiaSaudi ArabiaDeveloping countriesGulf countriesIran
Patients, n2 515 10631 9826385100 19322 482359731 982505512 06879301799
Mean age, years6565646566675758595660
Male, %58NA706070777677737965
Current smoking, %24NA372724NS2833403629
DM, %2926242327353058243931
STEMI, %4730473145596141.5464626
UA/NSTEMI, %5370536955413958.5545474
Symptom onset to hospital arrival time, (min)*96133145260177NA300150240176160
Door-to-needle time, (min)*2932372560NA5052NA3930
Door-to-balloon time, (min)*79110705096NANANANA8753
Thrombolytic therapy, %2833419.344NA58.569.1396646
Primary PCI, %431658541963817.52222.317
Coronary angiography†, %7870663961962367583268
30-day mortality, %NANA6.4/3.4NANANA8.6/3.8NA5/2.49.9/52.5/1.0
1-year mortality, %NANA7.5NANA3/2.2NANA8.4/6.311.5/7.75.2/3.9
  • *Times in patients with STEMI.

  • †During index hospitalisation.

  • CREATE, treatment and outcomes of acute coronary syndromes in India; DM, diabetes mellitus; EHS2, European heart survey II; GRACE, global registry of acute coronary events; GULF-RACE2, gulf registry of acute coronary events-phase 2; IPACE2, Iranian Project for Assessment of Coronary Events 2; NA, not available; NRMI, national registry of myocardial infarction; NS, not significant; PACIFIC, prevention of atherothrombotic incidents following ischemic coronary attack; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; PL-ACS, Polish Registry of Acute Coronary Syndromes; SPACE, Saudi project for assessment of coronary events; STEMI, ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction; UA/NSTEMI, unstable angina/non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction.