Table 1

Expected number of patients per year with clinically relevant positive blood culture (BC) results in the state of Thuringia

Planned beds in Thuringia (total)22 244
Planned beds with relevance for AlertsNet (active BC diagnostics)20 403 (92%)
Bed-days/year (×365)7 447 095
Bed-days/ 1000 patients7 447
×85% (mean bed occupancy rate)6 330
BC sets taken (about 50 BC sets per 1000 patient-days)316 501
Positive BCs (×8% positivity rate)25 320
True positive BCs (×80%, since 20% false positive)20 256
Patients with true positive BCs (×25%, since a mean of 4 BC sets are taken per patient and episode)5 064
  • The numbers were estimated from data of planned beds from quality reports 2010 of the Thuringian BC processing facilities published by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA).