Table 3

HRs, with 95% CIs of a CVD diagnosis by groups of patients with colectomy with either co-occurring IBD or cancer compared with the control patients

Number with diagnosis/totalHR (95% CI)p Value
Co-occurrence of IBD
 Patients with colectomy191/791
 Control patients*3198/11 8650.88 (0.76 to 1.02)0.08
Co-occurrence of cancer
 Patients with colectomy133/531
 Control patients2385/79650.93 (0.78 to 1.11)0.41
  • *Age and sex matched, but otherwise randomly selected control patients; five for each surgical comparison group of orthopaedic surgery, surgery in the GI tract, and other major surgery not in the GI tract.

  • Results are adjusted for age and sex.

  • CVD, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular; GI, gastrointestinal; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease.