Table 3

Genotype and allele frequencies of GDF1 SNP rs4808863 in controls and fetuses with CHD

Genotype/allele frequency
Genotype/alleleCHDsControlsχ2p ValueOR (95% CI)
CT48269.9940.0022.47 (1.400 to 4.358)
TT230.0151.000*0.892 (0.145 to 5.480)
T52326.3540.0121.847 (1.141 to 2.990)
CT+TT50299.0170.0032.307 (1.329 to 4.003)
CC+CT1191210.1801.000*1.475 (0.242 to 8.98)
  • *p Value from adjusted χ2 tests with continuity correction.

  • Significant differences between cases and controls are shown in bold.

  • CC, CT and TT are genotypes of GDF1 SNP rs4808863. C and T are alleles at rs4808863. CT+TT, dominant model; CC+CT, recessive model.

  • CHDs, congenital heart defects; SNPs, single-nucleotide polymorphisms.