Table 2

Outcomes and their placement during the study

OutcomeMeasurePretestWeekly during treatment*Post-test, 6, 12 months
Primary outcome
 Gambling consequencesICSXXX
Secondary outcomes
 Treatment engagementXXX
 Gambling behaviourTLFB: days, moneyXXX
 Quality of lifeWHOQOL-BrefXX
  • *Not all measures are answered by all participants every week; see the section about ‘planned missingness design’.

  • GAD-7, Generalised Anxiety Disorder Scale;48 ICS, Inventory of Consequences Scale for the Gambler and CSO;45 PHQ-9, Patient Health Questionnaire-9;47 RAS, Relationship Assessment Scale;52 TLFB, Timeline followback method;68 WHOQOL-Bref, WHO Quality of Life Questionnaire-BREF.53