Table 3

Comparison of demographic data and nutritional status between outpatients and inpatients according to BMI categories

Moderate-severe underweightMild underweightStandard weightOverweightObesity
6.0% (1176/19 678)7.8% (1537/19 678)56.0% (1537/19 678)23.5% (1537/19 678)6.7% (1537/19 678)
OutpatientsInpatientsp ValueOutpatientsInpatientsp ValueOutpatientsInpatientsp ValueOutpatientsInpatientsp ValueOutpatientsInpatientsp Value
0.4%; n=745.6%; n=11020.8%; n=1587.0%; n=137913.0%; n=255043.0%; n=84689.4%; n=185814.1%; n=27674.1%; n=8012.6%; n=521
Age (years)54.7±17.564.5±11.6<0.001*51.3±15.762.8±12.4<0.001*53.0±14.260.2±12.9<0.001*52.9±12.757.6±12.8<0.001*48.3±12.458.0±13.2<0.001*
Male (%)43.241.9NS†46.852.0NS†58.056.4NS†61.250.1<0.001†52.936.5<0.001†
Smoking (%)†32.418.5<0.001†35.525.0<0.001†37.927.6<0.001†36.329.7<0.001†
Ratio of SGA therapy (%)70.375.0NS†70.375.1NS††72.775.1NS†72.978.50.023†
Status of antipsychotic therapy
 Not treated (%)10.810.70.042††6.37.0<0.001†5.66.4<0.001†5.77.1<0.001†
 Antipsychotic monopharmacy (%)
 Antipsychotic polypharmacy (%)27.041.339.250.342.252.748.455.844.958.3
Nutritional status
 Prevalence of hypocholesterolaemia (%)7.326.70.002†11.127.7<0.001†11.123.9<0.001†7.615.6<0.001†6.313.8<0.001†
 Prevalence of hypotriglyceridaemia (%)12.220.3NS†15.018.1NS†8.511.00.001†3.33.9NS†1.82.1NS†
 Prevalence of hypoglycaemia (%)4.87.6NS†4.08.4NS†1.84.9<0.001†1.04.0<0.001†0.46.1<0.001†
  • Data are expressed as mean±SD.

  • Hypocholesterolaemia was defined as TC<150 mg/dL.

  • Hypotriglyceridaemia was defined as TG<50 mg/dL.

  • Hypoglycaemia was defined as FPG<70 mg/dL.

  • Moderate-severe underweight was defined as BMI<17.0 kg/m2.

  • Mild underweight was defined as BMI≥17.0 to <18.5 kg/m2.

  • Standard weight was defined as BMI≥18.5 to <25 kg/m2.

  • Overweight was defined as BMI≥25 to <30 kg/m2.

  • Obesity was defined as BMI≥30 kg/m2.

  • *Data are analysed using Student t test between outpatients and inpatients.

  • †Data are analysed using χ2 test between outpatients and inpatients.

  • BMI, body mass index; FPG, fasting plasma glucose; NS, not significant; TC, total cholesterol; TG, triglyceride.