Table 2

Principles of the U-TURN meal plan

PrincipleAdditional comment
Homemade foodRecipes are included
Limit processed food items
Include seasonal greens and fruits (minimum 600 g/day)
Maximum two pieces of fruits per day
Limit the amount of sodium
Include fish (350 g/week)200 g should be ‘fat’ fish, for example, salmon or mackerel
Fibre rich food items (3 g/MJ)
Hot meals should include fish once per week, one vegan meal per week
Minced meat maximum twice per week
Organic food itemsNot a demand—but participants are encouraged to use organic food items
Hot meals should contain minimum 200 g vegetables per meal, maximum one-fourth of the plate should be meat, maximum one-fourth of the plate should be high glycaemic index/load food items
Ad libitum intake of water and tea is allowed
Maximum two cups of coffee/day
No sugar sweetened beverages (including soda pops, juice or artificial sweetened beverages)Juice is allowed in case of subjective signs of hypoglycaemia in relation to training (see below)
Alcohol is discouraged throughout the intervention period