TableĀ 4

DUQuA statistical analysis plan

Research questionStatistical analysisTest
What department-level factors are associated with patient-level factors?Test the relationship between department-level factors and patient-level factors, adjusting for higher level hospital variationMultilevel modelling
Test the relationship between the ED variables and patient-level factorsRegression modelling
Test the relationship between patient perceptions, clinical treatment processes and clinical outcomesCorrelations
Test the effect of transfers on patient-level factorsRegression, correlation
What organisation level-factors are associated with patient-level factors?
How much to organisation factors contribute to the total variation?
Test the relationship between organisation-level QMS and department-level QMS, leadership, and cultureRegression, correlation,
Test the relationship between organisation-level factors and patient-level factorsMultilevel modelling, regression
Identify the amount of variation in patient-level factors attributable to organisation-level and department-level variablesMultilevel modelling
  • DUQuA, Deepening our Understanding of Quality in Australia; ED, emergency department; QMS,quality management systems.