Table 4

Association between the proportion of non-UK educated nurses in hospital trusts and patient satisfaction

ORs† (95% CI)
Rate care received as very good or excellent0.91*0.88***
Did not want to complain about care0.940.93
Always treated with respect and dignity while in the hospital0.940.92***
A member of staff always explained the purpose of medicines0.93*0.90***
Nurses always provide easy to understand answers0.87***0.86***
Always have confidence and trust in nurses0.87***0.87***
There were always enough nurses on duty to care for the patient in the hospital0.950.93*
  • †ORs refer to the change in the odds of the different outcomes associated with each 10% increase in the proportion of non-UK educated nurses in the hospital trusts. Single, double and triple asterisks denote ORs that are significant at the 0.05, 0.01 and 0.001 levels, respectively.

  • ‡The adjusted model included controls for patient characteristics (gender, age, limiting long-term condition, type of admission (emergency or planned), length of stay, discharge ward) and hospital/trust characteristics (size, technology status, nurse staffing (day nurse) and the practice environment).