Table 1

Participants flow through the reviewed trials as a percentage of the number of patients who were randomised into each trial

Number of studiesMedian per cent of sample randomisedFirst and third quartile (%)Minimum and maximum (%)
Screened24530243, 773100, 7067
Eligible27132108, 172100, 448
Declined22188, 1443, 4942
Sample size339690, 11049, 323
Outcome assessed619690, 10052, 100
  • ‘Number of studies’ refers to the number of trials that provided relevant data. Trials terminated early are included in these analyses. ‘Sample size’ refers to the sample size required to reach statistical power, not inflated to account for drop-outs. ‘Outcome assessed’ refers to total number of patients, in both arms. The denominator is the number of patients actually randomised into each trial.