Table 3

Multivariate regression models of axial length affecting peripapillary perfusion in respondents

Retinal flow indexRetinal vessel density
VariableModelStandardised β (SE)Adjusted R2p ValueStandardised β (SE)Adjusted R2p Value
Axial length1*−0.376 (0.001)0.1300.001−0.39 (0.47)0.144<0.001
Axial length2−0.366 (0.001)0.1160.001−0.37 (0.47)0.1510.001
Axial length3−0.375 (0.001)0.1080.001−0.37 (0.48)0.140.001
Axial length4−0.235 (0.001)0.2050.048−0.22 (0.51)0.2450.052
  • *Model 1 for crude; model 2, adjustment for age and gender; model 3, further adjustment for ocular perfusion pressure; model 4, further adjustment for retinal nerve fibre layer thickness, cup/disc area ratio and rim area.