Table 2

Questionnaire domains at time points

MeasuresT1 (<3 months of age)T2 (6 months of age)T3 (9 months of age)
 Exclusive breastfeedingXX
 Breastfeeding durationXXX
 Reasons for replacing/supplementing breast milkXX
 Breastfeeding self-efficacyX
 Age of dummy introductionX
 BF advice receivedX
Formula Feeding
 Formula type and amount givenXX
 Formula preparationXX
 Formula feeding practicesXX
 Formula feeding advice receivedX
 Solids and diet quality
 Timing of introduction of solidsX
 First foodsX
 Additional fluids (not water or breast/formula milk)XX
 Reason for solids introductionX
 Advice on solids receivedX
 Diet quality (FFQ)X
 Child food preferences (FFQ)X
 Parental Intentions to re-offer disliked foodX
Parental feeding behaviours
 Infant satiety scaleXXX
 Baughcum Infant Feeding QuestionnaireXXX
 Head circumferenceXXX