Table 1

Interviews achieved versus total population, both unweighted and weighted: population figures are from the census (once Scotland and Wales are excluded), and social grade are from Telmar

Population parameterPopulation: 2011 census/NRS (%)Unweighted numbers 1625Weighted numbersUnweighted (%)Weighted (%)
Male (a)49.188267955149
Female (b)50.827998304951
15–24 (e)15.892892591816
25–34 (f)16.412442741517
35–44 (g)17.042162621316
45–54 (h)16.682322781417
55–64 (i)14.142512211514
65+ (j)19.853933312420
AB (a)27.603634372227
C1 (b)275354453327
C2 (c)21.803483512122
DE (d)23.603793932324
  • NRS, National Records of Scotland.