Table 1

Patient demographics

Demographic information (patients)
Mean age (years)49.6 (range: 24–69)
 Mean days from transplant to interview925.3 (range: 27–1706)
Highest education level attained
 Some university/college/technical School3
 University/college/technical school—completed3
 Postgraduate university—completed1
Religious affiliation
 Roman catholic1
 Very religious1
 Fairly religious2
 Not too religious2
 Not religious at all2
 Very spiritual2
 Fairly spiritual4
 Not too spiritual1
Religious and spiritual status
 Spiritual and religious4
 Spiritual but not religious3
 Neither religious or spiritual0
Interactions with the spiritual care professional/chaplain
 Met frequently during treatment1
 Met on a number of occasions during treatment2
 Met a few times after admission to clinic1
 Met once after admission to clinic2
 Not met but open to meeting1