TableĀ 2

Whether participants were in favour, opposed, or neither in favour or opposed to use of delayed antibiotics for chest, urine ear and throat infections, by their awareness of the term or practice of delayed antibiotic prescription

Fully aware of term and practice (a) n=274Fully aware of term OR practice but NOT both (b) n=167NOT aware of term or practice (c) n=1181
% In favour or strongly in favour54%bc (b) p=0.015 (c) p=0.00051%c p=0.00050%c p=0.00049%c p=0.00042%43%47%c p=0.00242%c p=0.02136%35%34%32%
% Opposed or Strongly opposed27%25%26%27%25%18%21%24%31%30%b p=0.00331%b p=0.01132%b p=0.045
% Neither in favour or opposed19%23%23%24%32%a p=0.00337%a p=0.00232%33%a p=0.04428%a p=0.00230%a p=0.01731%a p=0.02031%a p=0.021
%-1%-1%1%1%1%1%5%a p=0.0025%a p=0.0054%a p=0.0035%a p=0.005