Table 1

Characteristics of participants (n=14)

CharacteristicNumber of participants
Age (years), median (IQR)50 (46, 53)
 Aboriginal/first nation2
 Not identified4
Highest education level achieved
 Master's degree1
 College degree2
 Some college credits completed7
 Bachelor's degree2
 Less than high school1
 Not reported1
Year of HIV diagnosis, median (IQR)1991 (1988, 1998)
Currently taking antiretroviral therapy14
Viral load
Self-reported concurrent health conditions (in addition to HIV). Number of participants living with…
 2–5 conditions3
 6–10 conditions5
 11–15 conditions3
 16 or more conditions3
Median number of concurrent health conditions (IQR)9 (6, 12)
Most commonly self-reported concurrent health conditions. Number of participants living with…
 Eye disorder5
 Hepatitis C5
 Mental health conditions (eg, anxiety, depression)4
 Muscle pain4
 Joint pain4
 Peripheral neuropathy2
 Hepatitis B2
 Neurocognitive decline2
Self-reported stage of change for exercise (TTM)
  • TTM, transtheoretical model; IQR, interquartile range.