Table 4


Control (n=85)Intervention (n=85)Crude estimate of effectAdjusted* estimate of effect95% CIp Value
Primary outcome
All page views
 Incidence rate5.2813.672.59†2.712.20 to 3.33<0.001
Secondary outcome
Unique page views
 Incidence rate4.7412.452.63†2.742.24 to 3.35<0.001
 Incidence rate3.069.663.16†3.362.68 to 4.22<0.001
100% of visits were single page
 Yes24140.44‡0.410.19 to 0.880.023
Direct click visits
 Incidence rate0.311.986.46†6.744.11 to 11.08<0.001
Twitter referrals
 Incidence rate03.49
Any outbound click events
 Yes25462.83‡3.201.63 to 6.310.001
Time on page in seconds
 Arithmetic mean (SD)147 (232)164 (210)
 Median (min, max)51 (0, 1283)109 (0, 1610)
 Geometric mean31762.42§2.471.32 to 4.610.005
  • *Adjusted for baseline activity and day of week.

  • †Incidence rate ratio.

  • ‡OR.

  • §Ratio of geometric means.