Table 1

Distribution of the total energy intake and of the energy intake from added sugars according to food groups, and the mean content of added sugars of each food group

Mean energy intakeMean energy intake from added sugarsMean content of added sugars
Food groupsAbsolute (kcal/day)Relative (% of total energy intake)Absolute (kcal/day)Relative (% of total energy intake from added sugars)Percentage of energy from added sugars
Unprocessed or minimally processed foods585.5
 Meat (includes poultry)
 Milk and plain yoghurt96.
 Roots and tubers32.
 Fish and sea food17.
 Other unprocessed or minimally processed foods†
Processed culinary ingredients64.32.924.48.738.8
 Table sugar‡
 Plant oils27.
 Animal fats§
 Other processed culinary ingredients¶
Unprocessed or minimally processed foods+processed culinary ingredients649.832.624.48.73.7
Processed foods209.
 Ham and other salted, smoked or canned meat or fish26.
 Vegetables and other plant foods preserved in brine13.
 Other processed foods**
Ultra-processed foods1209.857.9265.289.721.1
 Cakes, cookies and pies122.85.729.811.224.2
 Salty snacks93.
 Frozen and shelf-stable plate meals80.
 Soft drinks, carbonated81.83.775.217.169.9
 Pizza (ready-to-eat/heat)
 Fruit drinks‡‡69.23.355.713.967.5
 Breakfast cereals50.92.812.46.423.3
 Sauces, dressings and gravies49.
 Reconstituted meat or fish products51.
 Sweet snacks50.92.419.47.138.9
 Ice cream and ice pops48.72.318.35.936.9
 Milk-based drinks§§34.61.810.84.634.1
 French fries and other potato products37.
 Sandwiches and hamburgers on bun (ready-to-eat/heat)
 Instant and canned soups14.
 Other ultra-processed foods†††
  • US population aged 1+ years (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2009–2010) (N=9317).

  • *Including freshly squeezed juices.

  • †Including nuts and seeds (unsalted); yeast; dried fruits (without added sugars) and vegetables; non presweetened, non-whitened, non-flavoured coffee and tea; coconut water and meat; homemade soup and sauces; flours; tapioca.

  • ‡Including honey, molasses, maple syrup (100%).

  • §Including butter, lard and cream.

  • ¶Including starches; coconut and milk cream; unsweetened baking chocolate, cocoa powder and gelatin powder; vinegar; baking powder and baking soda.

  • **Including salted or sugared nuts and seeds; peanut, sesame, cashew and almond butter or spread; beer and wine.

  • ‡‡Including fruit and fruit-flavoured, non-carbonated and other sweetened drinks, including presweetened tea and coffee, energy drinks, sports drinks with no milk added, non-alcoholic wine.

  • §§Including flavoured yogurt sweetened with sugar or with low-calorie sweetener, milkshake.

  • ¶¶Including ready-to-eat and dry-mix desserts such as pudding.

  • †††Including soya products such as meatless patties and fish sticks; baby food and baby formula; dips, spreads, mustard and catsup; margarine; sugar substitutes, sweeteners and all syrups (excluding 100% maple syrup); distilled alcoholic drinks.