Table 6

Number of patients represented on the SLaM BRC Case Register with CRIS data linked to other data sets

Data linkageNumber of patients on both databases (% of all CRIS active and inactive patients)
CRIS* and ONS mortality† data20 864 (9.3)
CRIS* and HES‡ data188 447 (84.4)
CRIS* and cancer registry§ data3442 (1.5)
  • *CRIS active and inactive patients recorded as at 31 December 2014.

  • †(Up to 16 of December 2013.) ‡Up to 31 March 2013. §(Cancer registry data last updated 31 December 2008).

  • CRIS, Clinical Record Interactive Search; HES, Health Episode Statistics; ONS, Office for National Statistics; SLaM BRC, South London and Maudsley National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust Biomedical Research Centre.